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Whether you join us fresh out of education or from a background of experience, we'll make sure that you maximise your time with us. Our people thrive on development opportunities, challenges, and above all have respect for one another. At the heart of our company are our members, we encourage our people to make a difference no matter where they are in the business and it is these philosophies which make us unique.

Student Opportunities


We run our internships when there is a real business need for the projects, so rest assured, your time with us will not be spent making teas and coffees!

Industrial Placements

We know that your placement is a huge platform for your future, so we take our responsibilities very seriously. We give our students the opportunity to be immersed into our unique lean business infrastructure, and work on real life projects.

2020 vacancies now OPEN


Graduates are hugely important to Toyota. They bring fresh, new ideas and are willing to learn to develop their thinking and their abilities in the Toyota Way. If you enjoy taking a practical, problem-solving approach to your work, you could go a long way with us.

2020 vacancies now OPEN


Maintenance Apprenticeship

  • A maintenance member develops and maintains equipment so our manufacturing team can produce the Toyota Corolla to perfect standards every time, on time.

  • Training in our Burnaston academy, you will learn and develop the technical skills and theory required to become a competent member of our maintenance team.

  • Some skills you will learn include welding, machining, hand tool use, robotics and electronics!

Production Apprenticeship

  • This is an exciting 12 month training period, where you will develop the practical skills and theory to become a member of our fantastic production team working on our fast paced Corolla line.

  • You will learn how to carry out production processes safely, efficiently and to outstanding quality.

  • You will take ownership of a variety of manufacturing activities throughout your time here.

Factory to Forecourt

Press Shop

The first step in the production process is to prepare the raw steel that will be used to make our vehicles.

Sheet steel arrives in huge 45-tonne rolls before it is chopped and formed to make the individual components that will be welded together to make each car.

In a single shift, Burnaston will devour up to 5,000 metres, or around 300 tonnes, of steel building up to 750 vehicles a day. That’s one car every 66 seconds. No wonder steel needs to be delivered daily to keep Burnaston on its production schedule!

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Weld Shop

In the Weld Shop, pressed panels are welded together to create a bodyshell. 

Each bodyshell is given an identity tag that will remain with it right the way through the production process. Created by Toyota’s ordering system, this tag determines the car’s colour, engine specification and trim.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page

Paint Shop

When it comes to cleanliness, the Paint Shop leaves nothing to chance. 

Maintaining a spotlessly clean, dust-free environment is critical to the quality and consistency of each car’s paint job.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page

Assembly Shop

The Assembly Shop is best described as the heart of the Toyota factory in Burnaston

It is the part of the production line where in just three-and-a-half hours each painted bodyshell will become a fully functioning car.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Engine Plant

In 2017, a total of 337,516 fully assembled engines (including component sets) were produced for the Burnaston Auris & Auris Hybrid vehicles and exported to other Toyota plants.

Engines are produced through a process of Aluminium casting, Machining and Assembly before final inspection and despatch to vehicle plants.

Deeside currently exports engines and machine components to South Africa, Turkey, Brazil and Japan and were the first overseas plant to produce Toyota's class leading hybrid engines.

Plastic Shop

Described as a factory within a factory, the Plastics Shop is the place where everything from bumpers to instrument panels are made.

However, there is much more to this self-contained production facility than meets the eye; it also perfectly demonstrates Toyota’s environmental awareness with its zero waste to landfill approach.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page


Imagine being sent tens of thousands of pieces of mail a day.

That is what life is like for the team that keeps Burnaston running, because every single part brought into the factory comes through the logistics department and has to be delivered on time. It is one of the most complex and demanding supply chains in Britain.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Quality Assurance

At this point, each vehicle is almost at the end of its production journey

In a few hours it has been transformed from a sheet of bare metal to a high-quality car worthy of a five-year warranty. But there is still plenty of work to be done. Our completed car now faces its sternest test as it heads through the Quality Assurance department, where a team of skilled workers will put the car under the microscope one final time.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page


From the Burnaston factory, each car is delivered to the Toyota dealership. 

Here it is put through a Pre-Delivery Inspection in advance of being handed over to its new owner.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Warning of Suspicious Recruitment Activity

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) is aware that there are currently some recruitment websites, which are advertising job vacancies at Toyota. We are also aware that letters have been received via social media or email appearing to offer jobs at Toyota.

Toyota DOES NOT ask recruitment candidates to pay any money during the recruitment process.

Please be aware that these recruitment communications are not legitimate. If you have any questions please contact us directly at Recruitment@ToyotaUK.com

Genuine Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) job vacancies can only be found on our Recruitment homepage on the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited TMUK website. http://recruitment.toyotauk.com/