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Experience what it’s like to be one of the select few to work for the pioneers of the world-famous Toyota Production System.

Continuous development, innovation and hard work are the foundations of Toyota.

If you’re passionate about manufacturing and want to work with one of the worldwide leaders in automotive production then search our careers and

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Student Opportunities


Be one of the select few to experience what it’s like to work for the company that pioneered the world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS).

Industrial Placements

We know that your placement is a huge platform for your future, so we take our responsibilities very seriously.


For graduates fresh out of university, kaizen means constant development. Nothing stands still here - and graduates are hugely important to that.


Are you passionate about engineering and technology, solving problems and getting hands-on?

At Toyota we want to invest in your future by offering you an outstanding Maintenance Apprenticeship. If you enjoy making things, taking things apart to see how they work and improving things this is the apprenticeship for you.

Toyota Engineering Apprenticeships

Our world leading trainers will support and guide you as you learn skills in welding, machining, hand tool use, electronics,robotics,fluid and air power.

Burnaston Deeside 44 months

External Partner Engineering Apprenticeships

We are working in partnership with our suppliers and local engineering firms to bring you a Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship like no other

Burnaston 44 months

Further Opportunities

experienced professionals

Experienced Professionals

Whether it is a career in Engineering, HR, Business Operations Management (Logistics) or Finance that you are seeking, at Toyota you will be able to build your professional capability in a global and technologically advanced organisation, working alongside a team of highly capable experts in your chosen field.

skilled trades

Skilled Trades

At Toyota, quality is everything. From world-class production systems to finished cars, everything has to be just right. But no matter how good our technology, it's the passion of our people that takes us towards perfection.

production roles

Production Roles

Blue Arrow has been Toyota's recruitment partner since 2001. We specialise in recruiting Production Operatives, to work in Toyota's sites based in Burnaston, Derbyshire and Deeside, Flintshire.

Factory to Forecourt

Press Shop

The first step in the production process is to prepare the raw steel that will be used to make our vehicles.

Sheet steel arrives in huge 45-tonne rolls before it is chopped and formed to make the individual components that will be welded together to make each car.

In a single shift, Burnaston will devour up to 5,000 metres, or around 300 tonnes, of steel building up to 750 vehicles a day. That’s one car every 66 seconds. No wonder steel needs to be delivered daily to keep Burnaston on its production schedule!

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Weld Shop

In the Weld Shop, pressed panels are welded together to create a bodyshell. 

Each bodyshell is given an identity tag that will remain with it right the way through the production process. Created by Toyota’s ordering system, this tag determines the car’s colour, engine specification and trim.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page

Paint Shop

When it comes to cleanliness, the Paint Shop leaves nothing to chance. 

Maintaining a spotlessly clean, dust-free environment is critical to the quality and consistency of each car’s paint job.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page

Assembly Shop

The Assembly Shop is best described as the heart of the Toyota factory in Burnaston

It is the part of the production line where in just three-and-a-half hours each painted bodyshell will become a fully functioning car.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Plastic Shop

Described as a factory within a factory, the Plastics Shop is the place where everything from bumpers to instrument panels are made.

However, there is much more to this self-contained production facility than meets the eye; it also perfectly demonstrates Toyota’s environmental awareness with its zero waste to landfill approach.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page


Imagine being sent tens of thousands of pieces of mail a day.

That is what life is like for the team that keeps Burnaston running, because every single part brought into the factory comes through the logistics department and has to be delivered on time. It is one of the most complex and demanding supply chains in Britain.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Quality Assurance

At this point, each vehicle is almost at the end of its production journey

In a few hours it has been transformed from a sheet of bare metal to a high-quality car worthy of a five-year warranty. But there is still plenty of work to be done. Our completed car now faces its sternest test as it heads through the Quality Assurance department, where a team of skilled workers will put the car under the microscope one final time.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page


From the Burnaston factory, each car is delivered to the Toyota dealership. 

Here it is put through a Pre-Delivery Inspection in advance of being handed over to its new owner.

See the full process at our Factory to Forecourt page.

Our People

Jo Hems. Specialist, HR Division

Liam Chorley, Maintenance Apprentice

Peter Curtis, Engineer, Assembly Division