See world-class manufacturing up close

Be one of the select few to experience what it’s like to work for the company that pioneered the world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS). You will not only get to understand what lies at the heart of our successful business but also gain an invaluable insight into the practical side of your chosen career.

Our 3 month structured internship program delivers exceptional training and a chance for you to work on real life challenges alongside industry experts.


Whether you are looking at engineering, HR, finance or logistics, we will ensure that you learn about the different aspects of your chosen field and support you build a great platform for your future.

Impress us and you could be invited back to join our full Graduate Scheme.


We look for highly capable, self-driven individuals with plenty of initiative and a mature approach.

You will be in the penultimate or final year of your degree program with at least a 2:1 predicted degree result and have a strong, pre-university academic record. Additionally, for Engineering and Finance positions you will need to be studying a relevant degree. For HR and Logistics, a business / related degree is preferred.

There are currently no vacancies available

About the programme

We typically take on interns in four areas: Engineering, Business Operations Management (Logistics), HR & Finance.

Our Internship programme is a chance for you to experience the world renowned Toyota Production System (TPS) over a 12 week programme.

As an intern you will get the chance to understand and experience the different functions and processes which make us the global success which we are today. Not only will you experience what lies at the heart of Toyota, but you’ll gain invaluable experience into the practical side of your chosen career. Over the 3 months of your structured programme you’ll gain exceptional training, and a chance for you to work alongside real life challenges with industry experts.

Areas you may work


Toyota regards the protection of the global environment as one of its top priority concerns. At every stage of a vehicle's life, Toyota strives to protect the environment through reducing energy use and minimising waste.

Toyota's commitment to the environment extends to all areas of its operations. In 1992, its Global Policy established action guidelines known as Toyota's 'Earth Charter'.

Toyota Manufacturing UK's environmental policy reflects Toyota's global earth charter. It was Toyota's first overseas plant and the UK's first car manufacturer to achieve ISO14001 certification. It was also the first overseas Toyota plant to use waterborne paints and the first UK car plant to achieve zero waste to landfill. In 2009, Toyota Manufacturing UK achieved zero incineration.

The production of vehicles and engines in factories has the potential to impact on the environment. To ensure that car manufacturing can make more with less, Toyota developed its world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS) several decades ago. Over the years, TPS has also evolved to include environmental targets. 

Health and Safety

At Toyota we are striving to achieve an injury free environment with a safety first culture which is underpinned by the key principles of the well renowned TOYOTA WAY of Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.

Supported by fostering a respectful, reflective culture where individual creativity and teamwork can flourish. That makes H&S a visible, valuable part of every aspect of the operation working with local supervision and members to improve the safety for everyone.

Our H&S specialists are influential experts and support the development of our members, culture and management system. To succeed in H&S, you’ll need to be a team player yourself – as comfortable and confident on the shop floor as you are with senior managers.

Electrical Engineer

Engineering at Toyota isn't about nuts and bolts. It's much more about having an imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products. We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working - That's always been the Toyota Way. As our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: "Inspiration comes from many places. We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world." You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the all new Corolla. It's what makes Toyota a great place for inquisitive engineers to sharpen their skills.

Your time here:

While your role will be based within the Facilities department, you will be working with engineers from across the business, and therefore have the opportunity to work across the whole plant and beyond. Our engineers make sure we can react quickly to breakdowns. They plan and implement new equipment. They're also pivotal in bringing the famous Toyota Production System to life - whether it’s refining a process from a technical perspective or assessing the environmental impact of a production change.

You can expect real responsibilities right from day one and there will be a vast range of projects you can be involved in. Key projects you may find yourself working on include:

  • Ensuring electrical compliance is maintained across site in line with company policy and legislation
  • Supporting sitewide in any new electrical installations, site security and communication systems
  • Contractor management, writing specifications for contractor tender & quoting
  • Electrical charge point infrastructure plans
  • Sub-station obsolescence study and replacement programme
  • HV network protection study & improvement including hazardous area compliance and PD testing/monitoring

Construction Management

Based in facilities, our construction management team are responsible for a range of projects from ensuring buildings meet health & safety requirements to constructing a large car parks.

The team are responsible for both maintenance and construction activities relating to the site buildings and grounds, in addition to internal projects such as reconfiguration of spaces or flooring replacements. There is therefore plenty of variety and opportunity to work across the whole plant.


Engineering at Toyota isn’t about nuts and bolts. It’s much more about having imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products.

We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working. That’s always been the Toyota Way – as our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: “Inspiration comes from many places.  We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world.”  You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the Auris Hybrid. It’s what makes Toyota an outstanding place to work for inquisitive and ambitious engineers

Business Operations Management (Logistics)

Everything starts and stops with Logistics.  Join us here and you’ll be at the centre of our manufacturing operation bringing the world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS) to life.

This is your chance to learn about concepts like jidoka and just-in-time first-hand from the company that pioneered them.  TPS is a lean manufacturing system designed to eliminate waste, reduce costs and keep lead times down. It was developed between 1948 and 1975 out of two concepts. The first is called jidoka (which loosely translates as “automation with a human touch”) – this means that when a problem occurs, production stops immediately, preventing defective products. The second concept is just-in-time, in which each process produces only what is needed by the next, and so on, in a continuous flow. Where Toyota has led the way, other manufacturers have followed. You’ll find that many universities teach TPS today as a proven operations management system

Human Resources

Our approach to people management is different.

One of Toyota's Guiding Principles is to foster a respectful, reflective culture where individual creativity and teamwork can flourish. That makes HR a visible, valuable part of our operation. To keep our products progressing and our processes evolving, it’s essential to develop our people. Our HR specialists are influential experts, and most employment issues are their business. To succeed in HR, you’ll need to be a team player yourself – as comfortable and confident on the shop floor as you are with your senior managers.


Finance isn’t a back office function at Toyota.

You’ll soon see that a key part of your role is to go and see things for yourself and adopt a dynamic and practical learning method. You’ll spend time on the shop floor and understanding the way we work from a manufacturing perspective. A key part of our role is to develop breakthrough initiatives to manage costs per vehicle by working closely with other departments. Whether you are in cost management, general ledger, accounts payable and received, purchasing, or investment, you'll tackle real commercial projects and discover how finance can add real value to the production process.

Corporate Affairs

Based at our Engine Manufacturing site in Deeside,you will have the opportunity to work with both the General Affairs team and Production Control team.

This will enable you to work in a range of areas, allowing you to gain experience across multiple divisions and get a feel for the business as a whole. 

Departments in which you may work involve: 

  • Employee Relations
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Cost Management 
  • External Affairs 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Business Operations Management (Logistics)

More information

Salary and Benefits

Your Development at Toyota Manufacturing UK

At Toyota Manufacturing UK, during your 3 month placement, we reward performance and hard work.

At Toyota, during your 3 month placement, we reward performance and hard work. We also offer an excellent range of benefits including:

Current Salary: £17,000 pro rata for the duration of the internship worked (approximately £3,912 for the 12 weeks) plus overtime

  • Paid overtime
  • 6 days paid annual holiday (including bank holidays)
  • Relocation assistance
  • Free workwear
  • Subsidised restaurants

Our People

Sophie Haycock-Jones - Human Resources Intern

12 weeks initially seemed like a lengthy amount of time - how wrong I was! From day 1, you are thrown into the Toyota way of thinking - kaizen, innovation and teamwork become part of everyday life. The kind of culture fostered by an organisation speaks volumes and even as early as my induction week, I knew that being a Toyota citizen offered something special.

As a Management & Spanish student, HR has been an area throughout my degree that I have found academically interesting. Toyota's summer internship scheme provided the opportunity to put learning into practice.

Over the course of 12 weeks, I worked on real-life projects, communicated with engineers on the shop floor, held my own responsibilities and explored a number of HR divisions - life within HR is certainly never dull! My managers were brilliant at pushing me to my limits and allowing me to grow on a personal level. I learnt that using initiative and trusting your judgment goes a long way.

Toyota's HR summer internship scheme has been an extremely demanding, worthwhile and above all, rewarding experience. This is a company I have been proud to work for.


Oren David - Weld Engineering & Maintenance

Having learnt about the world leaders in manufacturing, I wanted to get out of the classroom and apply what I had learnt in a practical way. As you walk in on the first day you dive straight into an environment with people at the top of their expertise. If you are expecting an easy ride this is not the environment to get into, after a short orientation you have to hit the ground running. Within a week you are heading your own project and interacting with lots of different people that are all excited to help.

At Toyota everyone has a mutual respect for one another with every member knowing that everyone has their own area of expertise. I was working with confidential drawings and sensitive information showing how much I was being trusted.

By the end of the short 12 weeks I had learnt so much, and felt like I had made a large impact. I was lucky enough to have presented to the team I had worked in alongside the managers of my section, division and department, I received feedback and suggestions that helped me present a project that would be used in the future.

After leaving Toyota for my Masters year, I had learnt so many new skills and developed what I thought I had already mastered. I returned to university with confidence that I could work within a diverse group of people and hope that I will return to Toyota and see my project come to life.

Numbers are based on business requirements and do vary from year to year. Typically Toyota Manufacturing UK selects 5-10 per year across both Engineering and Non-Engineering Divisions.

Typically early June to late September every year.

3 month placement is the only duration that Toyota Manufacturing UK offers.

Non-Engineering opportunities such as Human Resources, Finance & Purchasing, Corporate Services, Logistics.
Engineering opportunities at either Burnaston or Deeside for example:
Press & Weld, Paint & Plastics, Assembly, Quality Assurance, Facilities & Environment. Placement opportunities can vary from year to year.

In the penultimate or final year of their degree (business/engineering related) and seeking a work placement during the summer months. An interest in working within the vehicle manufacturing sector, mature approach, confident, flexible, enthusiastic, team players. Prepared to use their own initiative and implement changes.

Either Burnaston, Derbyshire or Deeside, North Wales.

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications for our internships from candidates who are legally entitled to work in the UK. We will ask to see proof of your eligibility to work in the UK when you visit our site at the assessment centre/interview stage of the recruitment process. Typically, this is in the form of a UK or European Economic passport or similar supporting documentation as detailed on our application form.

UCAS points will be taken into consideration and a strong academic record is required.

The current starting salary is £17,000 pro rata for the duration of the internship worked (approximately £3,912 for the 12 weeks), plus overtime, 6 days paid holiday including public (or bank) holidays, workwear and access to on-site subsidised restaurants.

The closing date for the internship program is normally at the end of February.

Toyota Manufacturing UK does provide some monetary assistance to relocate. At the Open Day accommodation advice is given in terms of local letting agency contact details.

You will attend a 2 day Company Induction with all the new interns and then join your department for a more detailed welcome.

Core training courses include, Plan-Do-Check-Action, Presentation Skills, Health & Safety and Personal Planning.

You will have a formal review with your Supervisor. You will also have numerous informal opportunities to gain feedback on your performance.

You will be primarily based in 1 department for the duration of your placement, however the general nature of work at Toyota Manufacturing UK is often teamwork. You will therefore have the opportunity to work with multi-disciplinary teams with members from other departments.

Yes, you will be allocated a Supervisor from day one who will support you as you progress through the program.

Yes, at the end of the internship a small number of Students may be offered a Graduate position. This decision is based on performance appraisals and current vacancies. These opportunities are limited and the competition is strong.